Schedule of games for January 6, 2013

Aye Plus Gold
Montebello HS
9:00—Whu Nu vs Kickbacks
10:00—Ballin’ For Fun vs Sharks
11:00—Bus Drivers vs TeamSubs

Aye Plus Silver
Bell HS-Upper
9:00—Wanjettes Kamikazeez vs J Morey
10:00—Wanjettes Shoyu Up vs Wes’ Side
11:00—Pink Ladies vs Malihinis

Aye Plus Bronze
Bell HS-Upper
12:00—Unknown Tigerettes vs Wanjettes Misfits
1:00—FOR Speed vs Ankle Biters
2:00—Incredibles vs Blue Planet

Aye Plus Copper
1:00—Hawaiian AC vs Blazers/Air Geta at Bell Lower
3:00—Wanjettes TKO vs Wanjettes LOL at Bell Upper
4:00—Tigerettes A vs Lakerettes at Bell Upper

Bell HS-lower
9:00—Mike’s Imperials vs SB Ninjas
10:00—Less Than Giants vs BC Tigerettes
11:00—Kanak Attack vs Back In Action
12:00—SWDB vs DDBS

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