Okay okay okay, I hear you. Tap tap tap, I got the message. Knock knock knock, I surrender. Giving in to the demanding masses, it is apparent an “O” report is all that matters; a simple rundown of the comings and goings of our star subject.

Since I have been remiss for several weeks, a recap to satisfy the inquisitive: On Wednesday, Jan. 09, 2:17 a.m., the first “tap tap tap” intrusion of the new year occurred; very welcomed since there had been nothing but silence since New Year’s Eve. And then I was getting mentally prepared to finally utter sayonara, when she suddenly reappeared Friday, Jan. 25, 1:24 a.m.; an unusually lengthy 16-day absence. I was surprised but pleased. When another occurred at 5:21, it registered big time; there had never been such a late morning visit in our ten-month history together.

What made the double appearance especially noteworthy was the fact I was sitting up awake in bed on both occasions. The fourth and final “knock knock” episode in January came last Tuesday. It happened at 11:45 p.m., also gaining extra special attention since it was the earliest ever recorded. It was the first time before midnight ever!

The many variables and questions raised by the 2013 visitations have been puzzling. I’m at a loss to explain the early/late hour postings, while also trying to make sense of the dwindling numbers. I confess to spending an inordinate amount of time on these phantasmagoric antics lately. Put yourself in my Nikes and try to imagine what you would think or do. There’s someone/something knocking on your bedroom door — for ten months — with periodic single telephone rings as if to see if you’ve gone back to sleep. It’s like a personal “Zero Dark 30 Taps,” a seemingly hopeless search.

I’m certainly not wandering around in a trance, but it is perplexing. While the adventure has become a CR2S staple, as well as a whole lot of fun, it has also spawned probing questions from some astute (nosy?) readers. I really don’t want to think about what it’s going to be like when all this spectral stuff comes to a cruel end.

I would like to believe there is room for a bit of wistfulness, since lately we’ve been under stress, duress and unrest, but not depressed. The second act of the “O” show has  introduced the possibility of incarnation/reincarnation. At least so it seems. Unfortunately, I haven’t found too many who agree. Trying to make sense of the “O-bah-keh” story and the recent appearance of a new person in the real world, I’ve turned to Japanese folklore for possible explanation. For want of an appropriate analogy, think of a prisoner in solitary confinement suddenly getting a cellmate. [You need a weird imagination today, folks.]

There’s something about the Japanese language that intrigues and impresses. For instance, it describes the ethereal in much more depth than English. Whether a Buddhist trait or not, Japanese seem to be more superstitious and folklorish. Nowadays I turn to a Japanese jisho (dictionary) with the guidance of a helpful sensei [who will remain anonymous for his own protection].

Just as “O-bah-keh” sounds more wholesome than the English “ghost,” their fables are also more believable. Compare “Humpty Dumpty” with “Momo-taro.” No contest. We brown eyes also happen to be a bit more into mythology, I’m think. So when I introduce incarnation and reincarnation into the “O” Saga, I don’t expect followers to freak out. But when I tested a couple of people whom I trust for their opinion on the matter, “Get real, Dude!” was the loud consensus reply. So much for polling friends.

Anyway, CR2S’s habit of being forthwith can often become too forthright. So there comes a time when maybe it’s better to be Pinocchio than Honest Abe. “Umare-kawari” (reincarnation) maybe belongs with “Jack and the Soy Bean Stalk.” For those Nisei/Sansei who never went to Japanese school, like me, profuse apologies. I feel like Zato-ichi, the blind samurai who could bisect a fly in flight. Only I’m not and can’t. Maybe more like Cyrano and the windmills. Or the crazy loon of song.

Let’s chalk up this week as spectral folderol, people. In the real world, I still don’t have a permanent driver’s license and the insurance company that cancelled my auto insurance has just notified me my home owner’s coverage has lapsed! In a recent floor monitor election at KRH, I received one vote. So much for current popularity. For the Super Bowl, I had Niners and unders.

Un-mei (fate) can be awfully cruel. But all is forgiven, even Tokio Marine, if good luck and good fortune should decide to make a U-turn.

W.T. Wimpy Hiroto can be reached at Opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.

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