ALTADENA — The Authors Tour USA official launch and inaugural book-signing will be held on Saturday, March 30, from 3 to 5 p.m. at Webster’s Fine Stationery, 2450 N. Lake Ave. (between Marcheta and Mariposa) in Altadena. Free parking in back lot.

The Pasadena-based event was organized and co-founded by Wendy Fujihara Anderson and La Quetta Shamblee to provide marketing, networking and promotional support for published authors, with a focus on self-published authors and small, independent publishing companies.

“Authors Tour USA, developed as a natural expansion of the Authors’ Corner section of The Artisan Faire held at historic Santa Anita Race Track in November 2012, is a vehicle for authors to promote their published works,” says Anderson.

“What is exciting,” says Shamblee, “is that Authors Tour USA has already attracted authors from coast to coast in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Virginia, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Texas, and also Puerto Rico.”

Webster’s Fine Stationery, an independently owned family business with a reputation for supporting local artisans and authors, is the host venue. The official launch will feature four authors who reside in the Greater Pasadena area:

• Adrianne Hall, Monrovia native. In her first novel, “Thresholds,” the underlying message is that everyone has a secret and some of those secrets cross over the threshold to being outright lies. Winter Bernard and Carley DeVries are two college co-eds who, while harboring their own deep dark secrets, befriend each other and through a series of heroic events find themselves embroiled in unfolding the life-altering truth about another co-ed’s tragic death. Throughout the twists and turns that their lives take, the characters come face to face with the realization that nobody really knows the impact that secrets and lies will have, whether or not they are discovered.

• Koji Steven Sakai, Pasadena native. He has four screenplays that became feature films: “Haunted Highway” (2006), “The People I’ve Slept With” (2009), “Monster & Me” (2012), and “Chink” (2012). He also served as a producer of “The People I’ve Slept With” and “Chink.” Most recently, his feature-length screenplay “Romeo, Juliet, & Rosaline” was optioned by Amazon Studios. “My Imaginary Boyfriend,” which he wrote with Emily Brauer Rogers, was accepted to Project Catalyst at the 2013 29th  annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. Although he doesn’t have a book, he will be providing invaluable information about his process and success in having his screenplays produced as feature films.

• Christina Hamlett of Pasadena. “Screenwriting for Teens” is the second film book Hamlett has written specifically for the high school market. Her fondness for this age group, however, goes back much further. Since 1980, she has been mentoring aspiring young writers nationwide as well as penning over 150 plays for them to perform at their schools and in community theaters. This particular book gives teens  — who go to the movies more than any age group in the world — the tools to do more than just watch those movies. It gives them the tools to write their own films. Don’t let the title fool you, though. Just as many young-at-heart adults have plucked it off the shelves to learn the tricks of the trade and master their own screenwriting journeys.

• Ellen Snortland of Altadena. “Beauty Bites Beast” is a clarion call for women and girls to learn how to physically defend themselves as a birthright or human right. Women are not biologically helpless, but just like swimming must be taught, so too can personal safety skills that can save a woman’s life. Featured on NBC’s “Dateline,” the book is considered a classic in the violence prevention field. Snortland is currently completing her documentary, also called “Beauty Bites Beast,” which chronicles women in a Mexican factory who learn how to defend themselves. Stirring, revolutionary and controversial, it poses the question: “What happens when the sleeping giant of women in Latin America wake up and take back their power?”

Other Authors Tour USA members to be showcased in the future include Emmy Award-winning producer of “Life With Louie” and children’s author John Lanza; award-winning author and activist Ifalade Ta’shia Asanti; actor, Giovanni Ortega; documentary producer and military historian Jay Wertz; hypnotherapist and reiki master Carol Woodliff.

Other talented authors include: From California — CeCelia Antoinette, Anne Louise Bannon, Brigitte Benchimol, Abdul Chappel, Randy Jurado Ertll, Kinji Inomata, Azaan Kamau, Jessie Karen, Roberta Martinez, Jan McInnis, Carol McKibben, Stacy Nelson, Poetic Old Soul, La Quetta Shamblee, Monica Woolfox, Kira Solomatova. Also Marvie Ellis, Texas; Me’Cael “Fly Boi” Baez, Oklahoma; Mark Sonder, Virginia; Roseann Benson, Massachusetts; Janet Dunnagan, Nevada; Gary Starta, New Jersey; Yolanda Aroyyo-Pizarro, Puerto Rico.

If you are a writer or author and would like to become a member, complete the online application at

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