Rep. Doris Matsui speaks with small business owner Elizabeth McCleary of Devine Gelato and Debbie Muramoto, director of the California Capital Women’s Business Center, at the center’s opening.

WASHINGTON – Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Sacramento), vice chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues, on June 10 recognized the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy signing the Equal Pay Act.

“On June 10, 1963, President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law, signaling our nation’s commitment to equal pay for women in every workplace,” said Matsui. “Now, 50 years later, Equal Pay Day serves not only as a reminder of how far we have come, but of how much work is left to be done in the struggle for equal pay between women and men.”

In 1963, women on average made 59 cents for every dollar earned by men. Today, nationwide women on average make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. To highlight this disparity, members of the House Democratic Caucus put together an infographic demonstrating how much less women are earning than men in each state. (

“When women are paid equal pay for equal work our economy as a whole benefits. That is why I am pleased to be an original cosponsor of the Paycheck Fairness Act. This critical legislation would strengthen the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and help women fight wage discrimination wherever it occurs,” added Matsui.

The Paycheck Fairness Act strengthens and closes loopholes in the Equal Pay Act, by providing effective remedies to women who are not being paid equal wages for doing equal work and protecting employees from retaliation for sharing salary information with their co-workers.

Matsui took to the floor of the House of Representatives to speak in support of the Paycheck Fairness Act. Her remarks can be viewed at:

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