“Pig Death Machine,” an award-winning feature by Jon Moritsugu and Amy Davis, has been held over by popular demand at the Downtown Independent after a smash opening week.

Jon Moritsugu and Amy Davis

From 1985, Moritsugu has been creating a body of work that fans describe as absolutely brilliant and utterly repellant. He is known for such films as “Scumrock” (2002), “Fame Whore” (1997), “Mod F— Explosion” (1994), “Terminal USA” (1993) and “Hippy Porn” (1993). “Pig Death Machine” is his first feature film in more than a decade. Davis has been his superstar and confidant throughout.

After sold-out theatrical openings at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco and the Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, plus a world premiere at the 20th Chicago Underground Film Festival, where they won the “Lifetime Achievement Award,” the newest magnum opus by the husband-and-wife duo and creative partners-in-crime is running strong for a second week, continuing through Thursday, Aug. 22, as part of a Moritsugu retrospective at the Downtown Independent, 251 S. Main St. (between Second and Third streets).

Starring Davis as a nerdy yet doornail-dumb minx who eats undercooked, parasite-laden, pink swine flesh and is transformed into dangerous genius, while across town, a punky-buxom botanist eats the same meaty treat and ends up endowed with the supernatural ability to “hear” her specimens, this is a fable about envy and the horror that comes from getting exactly what you wish for.

“Pig Death Machine” is a sci-fi/psychological horror/screwball ride of chaotic, day-glo fever dreams and glitter-dusted nightmares, shot in the stunning wilds of New Mexico and featuring the music of Deerhoof, Dirty Beaches, Polvo, and industrial legend Monte Cazazza (Throbbing Gristle).

“Anyone who longs for the old, weird films of John Waters or the psychotronic freak-outs of New York’s Cinema of Transgression school should be able to get their fix from ‘Pig Death Machine,’” said Mark Olsen of The Los Angeles Times.

For ticket information, call (213) 617-1033 or visit www.downtownindependent.com.

To see the official trailer, go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzVwR1Ivn9Y&feature=youtu.be.

Visit the director’s website at www.jonmoritsugu.com/.

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