Miyagi Nosho’s 60th anniversary recital, an afternoon of Okinawan dance and music, will be held Sunday, Oct. 20, at 2 p.m. at the Aratani Theatre, 244 S. San Pedro St. in Little Tokyo.

Miyagi Nosho
Miyagi Nosho

The event will celebrate the grand master’s lifetime achievement in promoting the cultural arts of Okinawa in the U.S. with performances of Okinawan classical, zo dances, kumiodori, and minyo.

Special guest performers include a National Living Treasure, headmaster, and master instructors from Miyagi Ryu and Nomura Ryu in Okinawa, and Choichi Kai in Hawaii.

“King Shotoku Dances in Heaven” will be performed. When King Shotoku, ruler of the Ryukyu Kingdom from 1441 to 1469, made a pilgrimage ot the second island of Kudaka, he fell in love with the beautiful prophetess/spirtualist Kunichasa. He failed to return to Shuri Castle when he heard of a revolt there. The king despaired of this news and committed suicide by jumping into the sea.

The late Nozo Miyagi, founder of Miyagi Ryu, choreographed a dance drama based on this legend, but he created a happy ending with King Shotoku dancing in heaven with Kunichasa.

This show will be narrated in English with Japanese subtitles included.

Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 at the door. To order, visit www.jaccc.org/okinawa.php.

Ticket information: Nosho Miyagi, (714) 633-8049; Nobuko Koide, (714) 516-9171; Kazuko Katsuyama, (949) 643-1158; Okinawa Association of America, (310) 532-1929; Michiko Numata, (310) 784-0539; Takino Tokunaga, (310) 212-7500; Richiko Nakashima, (805) 985-6467; Noriko Cuaron, (951) 784-0558; Yuki Kochi, (619) 690-5580; Eiko Gushi, (626) 678-3625.

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