The adorable activist power of Sistahfriends.
The adorable activist power of Sistahfriends.

Tuesday Night Project (TNP) is excited to announce staff changes within the organization as it nears the end of its 15th season.

Tuesday Night Project Director/Co-Founder Traci Kato-Kiriyama will transition out of producing and curating TNP’s flagship Tuesday Night Café (TNC) series at the end of its 2013 season. While she will remain on board as TNP director, current TNC Co-Curator Sean Miura will take her place as lead producer and head curator of TNC beginning in the 2014 season.

Additionally, TNP Communications Manager Quincy Surasmith will increase his involvement by serving as associate producer of the TNC series.

Kato-Kiriyama co-founded the effort in 1998, officially launching the first TNC show in February of 1999 to address the need for a cohesive, consistent, Los Angeles Asian American “art + community” scene. She and her arts and organizing cohorts looked to support revitalization of the quiet Little Tokyo neighborhood, taking residence in the Aratani Courtyard at the newly renovated Union Center for the Arts with the support of Little Tokyo Service Center.

Fifteen years later, the show has grown into the longest-running Asian American multidisciplinary, free art series in the country, hosting 14 shows and over a hundred artists each season.

“The space is in good hands,” said Kato-Kiriyama. “I’m excited we’re at the point that I can now focus on programs beyond the TNC series, as well as develop a community support team to help with our annual fundraising.  The team is solid and young and what the series needs to grow into the next generation of exciting work in art and community-building.”

Miura joined TNP’s all-volunteer staff in 2009, and has been co-producing and co-curating the café series’ 2013 season.

Surasmith joined the staff in 2009, and manages TNP’s communications and media, as well as TNC’s live web broadcast.

Tuesday Night Café features one more show in its 2013 season on Oct. 15. The 2014 season will begin on April 1, 2014. Visit for more information.

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