Ninomiya Sontoku statue on the corner of Second and San Pedro in Little Tokyo.
Ninomiya Sontoku statue on Second and San Pedro in Little Tokyo.

I would like to share my dismay that the statute of Ninomiya “Kinjiro” Sontoku has been left in the same condition after it was vandalized many years ago. It must be about ten years ago when someone stole the bronze name plate off the base, leaving it scarred, unsightly and nameless.

I do not know who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of this statue on Second Street and San Pedro. Is it the City of Los Angeles, the Little Tokyo community or the owners of the property on which it stands? Is there a petition that concerned individuals can sign to get someone to fix the plaque? Either way, perhaps Rafu readers can start a movement where the responsible party can be encouraged to take the initiative to restore it to its original condition.

I believe the choice of putting the statue of the legendary Ninomiya Sontoku was to honor him and to inspire the youth to achieve greatness through study and hard work. Instead, the neglect that this statue has suffered has become an embarrassment and eyesore. Can’t we do something?

Bruce Naderu, Pasadena

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