BEAN TOSSWhile shouting “Oni wa soto” (out with the devil) and “Fuku wa uchi” (in with good luck), participants toss small sacks of roasted soybeans out to the congregation during the Setsubun and Hoshi Matsuri at Koyasan Buddhist Temple in Little Tokyo on Feb. 2.  Participants in this service were Revs. Akinobu Kiyosue, Ryuzen Hayashi and Ekishin Kako, Diamond Bar Mayor Jack Tanaka as Fuku-Otoko (Lucky Man), Nisei Week Queen Lauren Naomi Iwata as Fuku-Onna (Lucky Woman), Koyasan Board President Francis Nakamura, and Fujinkai President Ryoko Tabata. goma-fire ceremonyBishop Emeritus Taisen Miyata performs a fire ritual (Goma) in which misfortunes of the past year are exorcised and expelled according to the Shingon Buddhist tradition. He is assisted by one of the young reverends of Koyasan Temple. casting out the demonThe demon, played by Brandon Paris, was cast out during the ceremony. incense offeringAttendees made incense offerings at the altar. prayers?Ema (wooden plaques that bring good luck) with horse images were sold.

Photos by MARIO G. REYES/Rafu Shimpo

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