A Rafu Shimpo news reporter was surprised recently when she was cited by a Los Angeles Police Department officer for stepping into a crosswalk after the countdown clock began. The ticket cost her $200.

Since late last year, the LAPD has increased enforcement of jaywalking and other laws aimed at preventing pedestrian/vehicle accidents. This new crackdown, say critics, comes at a time when more people are choosing to walk in the downtown area rather than drive.

To address these and similar issues, the Little Tokyo Business Improvement District, Little Tokyo Public Safety Association, Japanese Chamber of Commerce of South California, and The Rafu Shimpo are co-sponsoring “Street Smart,” a town hall meeting to be held Tuesday, July 29, from 6 to 8 p.m. at St. Francis Xavier Japanese Catholic Center (Maryknoll), 222 S. Hewitt St. (between Second and Third streets).

The meeting, which will be conducted in both English and Japanese, is open to the public free of charge.

Among the featured speakers will be LAPD Deputy Chief Terry Hara, Little Tokyo/Arts District Senior Lead Officer Chris Jarvis, and former L.A. Department of Transportation official James Okazaki.

For additional information, contact the Little Tokyo BID at (213) 880-6875 or email board@visitlittletokyo.com.

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