nisei week archivesFrom right, Sandy Toshiyuki, Joyce Chinn and Tamlyn Tomita go through old Nisei Week booklets at the festival’s office in Little Tokyo. Nisei Week is asking for help to find booklets for their archives and to digitize in anticipation of the 75th anniversary of the Nisei Week festival in 2015. This year’s booklet featuring 2013 Queen Lauren Iwata will go on sale in locations throughout J-Town. Booklets sought by Nisei Week are 1940 (Shizue Kobayashi), 1941 (Reiko Inouye), 1949 (Terri Hokoda) 1950 (Sachi Kazunaga), 1957 (Mitzi Miya), 1960 (Peggy Akemi Tani), 1967 (Joanne Sono Uehara), 1993 (Naomi Ono), and 1994 (Kimi Tokuda Evans). If you have a copy of these booklets, contact Chinn at the Nisei Week office at (213) 687-7193 or email Below: Nisei Week resumed in 1949 following World War II with Sachiko Kazunaga, an employee at a downtown insurance firm, on the cover. (Photo by MARIO G. REYES/Rafu Shimpo)

nisei week cover

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