Edwin Ushiro’s “Gathering Whispers,” now on exhibit at Giant Robot 2, continues through July 30.

Detail from one of Ushiro’s pieces on exhibit at GR2.
Detail from one of Ushiro’s pieces
on exhibit at GR2.

Ushiro’s work contains a sense of nostalgia even for a person who didn’t grow up in Maui. The subjects of his works range from beautiful, warm and comfortable. One piece will include a not-so-obvious homage to Super Sentai (like Power Rangers). Kids will be jumping off a car as if they’re embarking on a battle against a kaiju.

A piece about a bridge built by Okinawan craftspeople encapsulates ideas of change as it has been a subject of demolition to widen a road for more traffic. Another piece features sparklers that scare off bad spirits.

While we travail through our daily activities, Ushiro’s calming nature comes through in his work and you’ll be enchanted by its ethereal look. His pieces have a look that’s all its own. It spans from drawings taken to digital manipulation, and then back to hand-painting for finishing — it’s a laborious process that’s all his own.

Ushiro creates his work using the computer, paint and Plexiglass — putting lots of detail and lots of color in all his art. His paintings reveal a youthful feeling, depicting stories from his upbringing in Maui, from all different stages in his life.

Giant Robot 2 is located at 2062 Sawtelle Blvd. in Los Angeles. Call (310) 445-9276 for more information.

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