Dear Editor,

I wish to thank you for your acknowledgement of Richard Alarcon’s support of the Japanese American community (Ochazuke, July 30) over the years, and specifically, for his successful effort to pass the L.A. City Council resolution for the Tuna Canyon Historic Site designation.

Richard Alarcon
Richard Alarcon

My connection with Richard began when I hired him from our Valley Juvenile Diversion Project to Mayor Tom Bradley’s office. After his exceptional work, the mayor promoted him to serve as his Valley representative. This laid the groundwork for his first run for City Council.

Fast forward, when I learned of his efforts regarding Tuna Canyon, we reunited. I felt honored to be asked by the supporters to be the designated speaker before the City Council. Due to Richard’s advocacy, his colleagues, who held him in high esteem, agreed by unanimous vote; notwithstanding that his successor in office that morning called each council member, urging their veto of the historic designation.

In closing, I attended the City Council tribute for his outstanding service during his tenure. The chamber was full of family, constituents and City Hall staff who came to thank him for his outstanding service.

Despite Alarcon completing his term in office, he was prosecuted for a “residency issue.” Fortunately, the jury dismissed 16 of the related 19 counts, and found him guilty for alleged fraud in registering to drive and to vote using his permanent residence address. His lawyer will be filing an appeal to dismiss the three remaining counts.

Rose Matsui Ochi

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