koyasan ritualKoyasan Buddhist Temple of Little Tokyo will hold the annual year-end “Osame Daishi Goma” (fire ritual) at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 21.

Madam Mihoko Yagi will also perform the Goeika classical buyo dance. Yagi is from Okayama-ken, Japan and she is an expert in the traditional Koyasan-Kongoryu Buyo-Dance. Following the Goma rites, she will perform two buyo entitled “Kongo” and “Henjo-son.” It takes approximately 17 minutes for the performances.

It is open to the public and free admission. Koyasan is located at 342 E. First Street in Little Tokyo. For further information, call the temple office at (213) 624-1267.

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