Valentine’s Day was named as such in honor of St. Valentine. It is traditionally celebrated on Feb. 14 each year. St. Valentine was the patron saint of lovers.

“One of the earliest popular symbols of Valentine’s Day is CUPID, the Roman god of love (a young boy with bow and arrow). It is believed to have begun in the Roman Empire around 270 A.D. under the rule of Claudius II.” The holiday stems from non-Christian beliefs and customs. (Quoted sentence obtained from Google.)

It is the SPECIAL day when flowers, cards and chocolates are given to and from “lovers,” family and friends to express their love in a “giving” way.

Chocolates come in red, heart-shaped boxes, cakes and cookies are baked in the shape of a heart. Stores have red, heart-shaped boxes throughout, representing Valentine’s Day.

One might say Valentine’s Day is truly a “Day of Love.” There is no three words more beautiful than “I love you.” There is no limit of what one can love, even a rag doll.

My friend gave me a rag doll. I named her Gretchen, which is Margaret in German, and I have had her since 1963. She also made me a Humpty Dumpty shortly after and I still have “him.” I love these two and every once in a while will pick them up and give them a hug. Who says one cannot love a doll or Humpty Dumpty (an egg)!

I had a goldfish that I loved in the early ’80s. When I tapped the side of the bowl, it would come swimming to where my finger was. It would stay there until I moved my finger. When I put food into the bowl, it would swim to the food.

I got another goldfish and a larger bowl and they swam happily together. I had the first goldfish for two and half years but it died under extenuating circumstances. The second one died several months after I purchased it. Who says one cannot love a goldfish!

Papa had a canary. When Papa came to the cage and talked to the canary, it would chirp. When Papa opened the cage and held out his hand, the canary would climb into Papa’s hand, but never flew away from his hand. Every evening when Papa would cover the cage with a towel and every morning when Papa would uncover the cage, the canary would chirp as if to say, “Good night” and/or “Good morning.”

Papa cried when he lost his beloved bird, which he had for five years. My siblings and I bought Papa another canary for Father’s Day and Papa was so pleased. Who says one cannot love a bird!

WOW! I guess I got off the subject of St. Valentine’s Day to a certain extent, but then maybe not, because I talked about love.

May you have a Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you received a heart-shaped red box of chocolates. Do remember the three most beautIful words, I LOVE YOU.


Maggie Ishino is a Rafu typist and can be reached at Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.

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