wedding dress-gardenaThe Greater L.A. JACL hosted a screening of Steve Nagano’s short documentary “Six Weddings and a Dress” on March 29 at Merit Park Recreation Hall in Gardena. The film tells the story of a wedding dress first worn by Chiyomi Ogawa when she married her husband Kaz at Manzanar and subsequently worn by five other women who were interned at Manzanar and relocated to Pasadena after the war. The dress was designed and made by Ogawa’s aunt, a professional seamstress, with material from Montgomery Ward. Pictured with the dress are (from left) Ogawa, the only surviving bride of the original six; her daughter, Donna Jean Ogawa; and Patty Ito Nagano, the filmmaker’s wife and collaborator. The Naganos also showed “More Than 1,000 Words,” a profile of Rafu Shimpo photographer Mario Reyes. (MARIO G. REYES/Rafu Shimpo)

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