SAN FRANCISCO — The Japanese government is sponsoring a medical team to visit San Francisco on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 12-13, to provide free medical screenings to Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors living in Northern California.

Medical exams will be given to genbaku techou (原爆手帳) holders, those who have been issued a survivor identification card from the Japanese government.

First-time applicants must go through a face-to-face interview process with a Japanese representative. Bring proof of survivorship, or bring witnesses to interview or be able to explain your atomic-bomb experience.

Second-generation survivors who want to be interviewed must have a parent or parents who are holders of gebaku techou cards.

The exams will be given at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

To participate, contact Carrolyn Kubota at (415) 860-5511 or

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