nikkei sentinel-ichikawaThis 1982 photo of the staff of Nikkei Sentinel, publication of the Little Tokyo People’s Rights Organization, now hangs on the back wall at Mitsuru Grill on First Street in Little Tokyo. It was placed there on July 30 by 20 friends and colleagues of Koichi Ichikawa (foreground), who passed away a year ago. The inscription reads, “Koichi came from Japan in the 1970s and became active in the community through Little Tokyo People’s Rights Organization (LTPRO), helping fellow Shin-Issei through Workers & Newcomers Committee and other endeavors. He also made significant contributions to National Coalition for Redress/Reparations (NCRR) during the height of the redress movement. Koichi lived in Little Tokyo longer than he lived anywhere else throughout his life. He made many friends who remember him fondly.”

ichikawa groupPictured at Mitsuru Grill, where Ichikawa was a regular customer, are: (back row) Mark Masaoka, David Monkawa, Bruce Iwasaki (back), Jan Tokumaru, John and Janice Yen, Jim Matsuoka, Gale Hane Wong, Alan Nishio, Evelyn Yoshimura, Yasuko Sakamoto; (front row) Kathy Masaoka, Doris Hanamure (co-owner of Mitsuru Grill), Craig Wong, Dean Toji, Richard Katsuda, Mike Murase, June Hibino, Suzy Katsuda. A message was read from Lucien Kubo, who was unable to attend. (Photo by J.K. YAMAMOTO/Rafu Shimpo)

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