I would like to say before typing this article that dentists are an extreme necessity and my prayer is that dentists, technicians and those involved with dentistry take no offense to the following article:

I have had and have dentists who were/are all congenial and experts in their field, even those who were attending a dental school in Georgetown in Washington, D.C. to become dentists. However, one of the most trying and stressful experiences is having ANY treatment on my teeth. There is work such as cleaning, drilling, filling and extracting, having a full-mouth X-ray, etc. It is difficult lying semi-flat on the dentist’s chair for at times as long as an hour or so with the mouth open, having work done on the teeth. I have a tendency to get a dizzy feeling and become somewhat apprehensive.

A beautiful smile is everyone’s desire and some people have the misfortune of having “uneven,” and/or yellow teeth, making it difficult for the smile to be beautiful. Parents spend a fortune in order that their children can have “straight” and beautiful teeth. Flossing is most important, but that is where I fail.

It is extremely important for one to take care of the teeth. Without teeth, one cannot enjoy corn on the cob, bite into a Delicious apple, or chew on a juicy steak for dinner, among other things. Teeth should be thoroughly brushed morning and evening, moving the toothbrush in a CIRCULAR motion.

It is unbearable to have a toothache. The whole body seems to ache and react. I have a friend whose father had such bad teeth, many decays, bleeding gums, etc., causing him to have blood poisoning in his mouth and eventually his death.

There is one thing about teeth and that is, they CAN be replaced. It is not like one’s eyes, which never can be replaced.

But no matter if you have uneven teeth, yellow teeth, there is nothing like being greeted with a friendly smile. Ain’t that right?!

Lastly, may I share with you:

In recent months, five people have asked my age and when I told them, they asked me, “Do you still have your own teeth?” I had to laugh but answered, “Yes, I do have all my teeth except four.” (That’s 28 teeth, so there!)

Amen and keep smiling.

Maggie Ishino is a Rafu typist and can be reached at Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.

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