Some weeks are bereft of CR2S kind of news. You know, something with an Oriental slant, so to speak (few do). And then there are times when the cup runneth over, a tsunami of stuff begging for commentary. Yup, filling this upper right-hand corner of Page 3 every Wednesday is a fun chore, people.

It doesn’t end there. A decision has to be made regarding level of interest, yours and mine, followed by what can be put on hold for later use. Chances are right about now you don’t much give a hoot, just waiting around to see if there’s something worth waiting around for. Okay, fair enough.

= * =

Let’s take a gander (an ancient way of saying, “look”) at some past events that are worthy of mention today:

• The naming of Dave Roberts as the new manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers might be old news, but deserves closer inspection. After three years of a successful but bland and dour Don Mattingly, “Doc” just might be turn out to be the perfect antidote. Only time (and wins) will tell if the hiring is fortuitous and eventually brilliant. Of course, his heritage is of prime interest to CR2S. It seems, more often than not, most of our hapa luminaries (not just athletes) have Japanese mothers, ergo, no name recognition. Their Japaneseness is hidden by a paternal surname. [To be continued.]

• Almost as quickly as it surfaced, nationwide campus unrest has faded from the news scene, thankfully. The hue and cry for “diversity” lingers like a bad cold. I can’t quite grasp the reason for all the student whooping and hollering: a Claremont McKenna Latina is hurt by a demeaning remark; an ethnic slur is shouted at the USC student body president; a group of coeds is denied entry to a Greek party for whites only (a partial list). Slights worthy of retaliation, to be sure. So demands are made and promises promised to enhance minority curriculum, professors and facilities. Is this not the polar opposite of “assimilation,” the rallying cry in my cretin days?

Let’s go all in with collegiate criticism and take a look at the student loan situation. Some are graduating with six-figure debts. No matter the noble desire of education for all, a loan is an obligation, no? If reneged, why not a year in armed forces service? Timely, since it would be before launching careers and families. After fourteen years of continuous warfare, the U.S. Army is in need of new blood – so why not “blue” – from Harvard, Yale and other hallowed institutions that produce moguls, statesmen and Wall Streeters but seldom grunts and non-coms? Or am I being un-American, again?

• Awareness grows that time marches on and on and on. What used to be no-brainer slam-dunks are no longer so (just ask Kobe Bryant). The attitudes of Nisei and Sansei, for example. Intermarriage is no great shakes these days, ethnicity is about as important to Sansei as a car to buy. To Nisei, parents were all important; likewise with offspring but not as fervent. Whether old- or new-fashioned, CR2S staunchly believes in the importance of motherhood. What goodness exists in the WTH family comes from mother; and by same reasoning, my mother. Which turns into a convoluted way to wonder why Dave Roberts being glorified as the first African American Dodger manager?

• Another never-ending irritant is the mispronunciation of Jappo names. The Good Senator from Hawaii went to his grave as Daniel K. “Eye-no-way.” Making life currently miserable is the fact that I reside at Cairo Retirement Home. Not even in the U.S. of A.

• Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro and community members anxiously await word from state Attorney General’s Office regarding the last-minute plea to halt Keiro Senior HealthCare/Pacfica negotiations and order a public hearing. CR2S suggests you not waste time holding your breath awaiting the verdict. Why not proceed under the assumption AG Kamala D. Harris will put the deal on hold – she is running for public office — and begin planning strategy for the hearing? Emotional, visceral speeches effectively rile the masses at town hall meetings, but thoughtful, factual presentations are what will win the war.

Decrying the shortcomings of a CEO and his board was easy; coming up with viable options a greater challenge. Complaints must be backed by facts and figures, coming up with alternate proposals and reasonable options necessary. Your initial mission was to stop escrow proceedings. Why not assume the AG will side with you and start work on alternatives from now? Popping bottles of champagne in joyous celebration can wait. Besides, where’s the joy if a public hearing is held and the AG again determines in favor of the sale?

• So there you go, folks. I can’t believe CR2S has spent all those words without once mentioning a most important observation: date of birth. Nay, no presents please, your support and readership is gift enough. Maybe next year . . .

W.T. Wimpy Hiroto can be reached at williamhiroto@att.net Opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.



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