By Genie Nakano and Amelia Fielden

genie nakanothe moon smiles
cracks up  a dark sky
falls to the earth
joy to the world

New Year dawns
at different times
throughout the world
most folk wishing for peace,
some intent on turmoil

this candle
burns for peace, my friend
keep it steady,
focusing heart and mind
tonight the winds are strong

winds of chance
blow us this way and that
like bamboo
bending not breaking
we are held by the earth

the new year
time for fresh beginnings
my teacher, sensei
gently repeats” flowers
always turn to the sun

Genie Nakano is widely published in journals, and her recent books, Enter the Stream and Storyteller are available on Amazon. She teaches gentle yoga and tanka at the Japanese Cultural Center in Gardena. Genie can be reached by email.

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  1. Genie, your poem “Genie’s Lamp” is heartwarmingly and stunningly beautiful! Your best yet that I know of! A triumph and a treasure! When I read it, I actually found out where the expression “heartwarming” must have come from: I actually felt a sensation in my chest.
    Steve Goldman