In all honesty, I’d prefer a flute of champagne over writing a column on the eve of New Year’s Eve. Maybe more better a shot of Pepto Bismol considering my current condition. It just so happens the tail end of 2015 is posing a problem because of my tail. [This will be first and last time column composed under the duress of diarrhea.] So yeah, we’re at a crossroads regarding fulfillment of duty while the innards are rebelling.

For sure when under the weather, you don’t eat, can’t sleep or be very pleasant. The true meaning of miserable, I presume. What there is plenty of is time, which is a much-cherished commodity under normal circumstances. Not being much of a television watcher, the challenge is how to make the hours not be so long. A primary outlet, reading, loses its appeal when mine eyes are overworked. Past unsolved Sunday L.A. Times crossword puzzles have been stored for emergency occasions like this, but again, it’s awfully tough concentrating, for obvious reasons. Exercise, another fallback, is completely out of the question. An awful lot of time is spent peering up at a blank ceiling.

= * =

# – Two days have lapsed since the above introductory paragraphs and still can’t decide on a subject before 2015 gives way to next year. So let’s just pose a question that’s neither pressing nor real important: Are you a “half full” or “half empty” person? Quaint but worthy of thought. If you are a night (drinking) person, you’re probably a “half empty” advocate; always at the ready to fill ’er up, put a head on it, another round for sure. If a solid citizen, maybe a churchgoer, you are probably a satisfied “half full,” appreciative of what you already have.

# – Is it just me, or aren’t people you see on television news segments these days, er, large? Like big? Overweight? I mean everyone, cops, perps, witnesses, onlookers. And can anyone fully explain why Jappos aren’t?

# – What say we add carpe diem to your vocabulary today? For no good reason and you’ll probably never use it. Definition: Profligacy, like wastefulness and squandering; conspicuous extravagance. [Like maybe this edition of CR2S.]

# – Can you believe it’s now 24 hours later and still feel lousy? Oh yeah, to be sure, you can tell by now. Even though solemn hymns have been sung and “Peace on Earth” is a pipe dream, maybe you have some left over “Good will toward me(n),” leaving the “n” off in deference to me, your devoted servant who is now struggling to cross the finish line.

= * =

# – Although without a pipeline to Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro inner sanctum, I hear another meeting is slated for Centenary United Methodist Church on the 23rd of January. For what purpose and for whom (community-wide or inner circle only) is not known, nor the purpose of the assembly. Have heard nary a word regarding the class-action suit, but I’m told a pro bono barrister has come aboard. And voluntary donations continue to flow.

On the factual front, deadline for individuals interested in serving on the proposed Community Advisory Board (CAB), has come and gone. I have no idea how many applied. Of great interest and importance is the selection process and eventual power of the body. Pertinent questions yet to be answered are: Who is selecting the finalists; using what criteria; how many will there be; and lastly, the power and authority it will (be allowed to) have.

Ad Hoc dissidents were promised “two or three seats” by the AG’s office. An intriguing commitment, also somewhat meaningless. How can an agency rep, in an obvious attempt to appease the antis, hand seats to a body that doesn’t exist? Meaningless, because with more than 1,200 dissenting petitioners, every signee would be an Ad Hocer, no? Personal agendas aren’t foreign to “community-minded” individuals, don’t you know. As important as the makeup of CAB is, of greater significance right now: Who is making the selections?

All of the applications are in the possession of Keiro Senior HealthCare. Does that not mean “Keiro people” will determine its ultimate makeup, i.e. CEO Shawn Miyake, select board members, Pacifica/North Star/Aspen representatives? Again, the word transparency looms large. Carpe diem anyone?

= * =

Stop the presses! (Oops, printing press is ancient history.) How do you paste up a new column? Extra, extra! CR2S has a scoop and doesn’t have the time nor space for details. Woe is me. It’s not exactly Deep Throat stuff, but here it is: Ad Hoc leaders are holding a sub rosa meeting New Year’s Day to prepare for a town hall meeting Jan. 23 at Centenary Methodist Church. Primarily to propose a blanket boycott of Keiro board member businesses/products! If a false rumor, shame on me and forget it. If true, my reaction is “You gotta be kidding!?!” I can only hope someone torpedoes this dumbfounding strategy! Unfortunately deadline now looms ominously, curtailing further comment. So, with sincere hopes a happy and healthy year is in your future, CR2S wraps up 2015.

W.T. Wimpy Hiroto can be reached at williamhiroto@att.net Opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.

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