rafu legacyFollowing our March 22 announcement that The Rafu Shimpo’s financial stresses could force it to close at the end of this year, we heard from many of you. With each email, phone call, and letter, the message was clear: “Please, please, don’t let The Rafu Shimpo die.”

The outpouring of support from readers, advertisers, columnists, friends, and others strengthened our resolve to reach $500,000 in new revenue, primarily through new subscriptions.

Less than eight weeks later, with the help of an independent strategic team working pro bono, we formulated a plan of action and are proud to report that we are now 25 percent closer to our target.

Thanks to friends and staff, who lent their time, expertise, and wisdom, on July 1, 2016, we will be launching a new strategic plan aimed at The Rafu Shimpo’s recovery. And, while there is still much work to be done, our staff and management are committed to doing whatever is necessary to sustain the newspaper for the long term.

Over the summer, we plan to have representatives at Obon festivals, Nisei Week, and other community events. Please stop by and, most important, buy a subscription or place an ad or both. Every bit helps.

We move forward with optimism, inspired by the words from The Rafu Shimpo’s final wartime edition published on April 4, 1942: “We will be your Rafu Shimpo once again.”

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