SACRAMENTO — With 100 percent of the vote counted, former Assemblymember Mariko Yamada (D-Davis) will move on to the California general election in November for State Senate, District 3, with nearly 30 percent of the vote — eight points behind her main opponent.

Yamada said she overcame an onslaught of special-interest money to advance to the run-off, noting that independent groups spent over $3.1 million backing her main opponent, Democrat Bill Dodd.

Former Assemblymember Mariko Yamada filing for candidacy for the State Senate.
Mariko Yamada

The June primary was an arguably more difficult race, and because State Senate District 3 is home to a more progressive and Democratic voter base, the November general electorate is expected to be more favorable to Yamada, a lifelong Democrat, in a race against a former Republican candidate.

Yamada said of the outcome, “I’m so proud and humbled to move on to the general election. Since the beginning, our campaign has been powered by people in every pocket of this district. We have continued to grow our fired-up grassroots volunteer base and organizational support from powerful local and statewide organizations, and we’re excited to continue to build momentum in the months ahead.

“Because they know I will always fight for what is right and stand up to big corporations to fight for middle-class families, I’ve earned the support of California’s teachers, nurses, environmentalists, SEIU California, consumer attorneys, National Union of Healthcare Workers, EMILY’s List, California Women’s List, local Democratic clubs and Democratic leaders, including State Controller Betty Yee, California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, State Treasurer John Chiang, Congressman John Garamendi, along with hundreds of elected officials and community leaders throughout California.

“I have spent my entire life fighting for those who can’t always fight for themselves. I’m not afraid to stand up to corporations, pharmaceutical companies and predatory lenders who take advantage of seniors and families who are the most vulnerable.

“The fact is corporations spent more than $3.1 million boosting my former Republican opponent in attempts to buy this seat. And it’s clear they get what they pay for because my opponent has walked away from key votes that would protect seniors, consumers and our environment. Unlike my opponent, I will take a stand against polluters, big banks, insurance companies and automobile manufacturers. Californians need leaders who can’t be bought.

“As assemblywoman, I saw time and time again the system rigged in favor of corporate special interests. We can’t have politicians in Sacramento side with corporations when working and middle class families continue to struggle to make ends meet, when seniors are forced to choose between food and medication, and when polluters like Monsanto put profits ahead of the health and safety of our food supply. I’m running for State Senate to fight hard for the people in this district and for families across California.”

Yamada represented the 8th Assembly District and the 4th Assembly District, which includes most of State Senate District 3, from 2008 to 2014. During that time, she was known as an advocate for the protection of agriculture, veterans, vulnerable elders, the mentally ill and persons with disabilities and their caregivers throughout the state. She has been a consistent voice on the preservation of prime farmland and water resources. She also served as a Yolo County supervisor from 2003 to 2008.

State Senate District 3 includes Solano and Napa counties and portions of Contra Costa, Sacramento, Sonoma and Yolo counties.

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