Keiro has announced its 2017 Grants Program cycle, an important component of its programs to support thousands of older adults and caregivers in the Japanese American and Japanese community.

In its second annual cycle, Keiro’s Grants Program will invest up to $900,000 in funding to community-based organizations in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange counties.

The goals of the program are to:

– Enhance the quality of life of older adults in the community who are most in need or vulnerable;

– Promote culturally sensitive programs and services accessible to Japanese American and Japanese older adults;

– Strengthen systems of support for older adults through local service providers, programs, and caregiver resources;

– Advance the Genki Living holistic approach to aging issues.

Keiro’s Grants Program awards support to qualified organizations through a competitive, community-based review process. Grant proposals are reviewed and evaluated by an independent Grants Review Committee. The committee, composed of community leaders, will assess proposals, conduct site visits, and deliberate on each project.

“We recognized the powerful impact that local organizations like ours can have in enhancing the quality of senior life in our community,” said Leona Hiraoka, Keiro president and CEO. “In keeping with our mission, Keiro created the Grants Program to provide enhanced services and resources, and to foster innovation in the area of senior care in order to improve quality of life for our aging community.”

Three levels of funding will be offered:

Small Grants provide funding of up to $10,000 for community-based organizations. Organizations that are a good fit include grassroots, new, small, and/or volunteer-led organizations.

Medium Grants are designed to provide support to organizations looking to expand services to older adults and caregivers. Grants can range from $10,000 to $50,000.

Large Grants of $50,000 to $100,000 will provide support to organizations with established operating capacity and scale. Proposals for program support, capital costs, capacity building, and general operating support will all be considered. The proposal deadline for the 2017 grants cycle is Sept. 1.

The Grants Program seeks to achieve the greatest impact by addressing issues affecting Japanese American and Japanese older adults with the greatest need or vulnerability. These populations include, but are not limited to, older adults who are facing challenges due to isolation, multiple health conditions, memory and cognitive disabilities, low income, immigration or residency status, and/or being monolingual Japanese speakers or the oldest of the old.

During the summer months, Keiro will offer free informational workshops in the community to discuss goals of the program, eligibility requirements, and guide prospective grantees through the application process.

“We look forward to helping organizations that are interested in applying for funding as a way to support their programs,” said Brandon Masashige Leong, Keiro’s director of programs and strategic partnerships. “We will be offering assistance in how to successfully apply for Keiro’s grants.”

Keiro’s goal is to enhance the quality of life for older adults in the community through three core program areas: Services to Older Adults, Support for Caregivers, and Programs for Residents of Keiro’s Former Facilities. Recognizing that there is no single way to accomplish this goal, Keiro will use diverse strategies to achieve the greatest impact.

For additional information, including downloadable grant applications and guidelines, and to register for an informational workshop, visit or call (213) 873-5705.

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