From left: Rev. Sala Sekiya, Derek Morimoto, Easton Kishimoto, Lindsey Yoshiyama, Brandon Kono-Song, Bryce Kitagawa, and Rev. John Iwohara. (Photo by Brian Imada)

GARDENA — Gardena Buddhist Church recently awarded scholarships to five of its graduating seniors.

The recipients, selected on the basis of scholarship, school and church participation, and church attendance, were:

• Easton Kishimoto, West Torrance High graduate and son of Yasuhiro and Judy Kishimoto;

• Bryce Kitagawa, Peninsula High graduate and son of David and Kathleen Kitagawa;

• Brandon Kono-Song, North Torrance High graduate and son of Scott and Cheryl Kono-Song;

• Derek Morimoto, West Torrance High graduate and son of Drs. Myles and Emi Morimoto;

• Lindsey Yoshiyama, Peninsula High graduate and daughter of Brian and Nancy Yoshiyama.

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