SAN FRANCISCO — Saved from destruction by the Geary BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) project, the Geary-Webster Pedestrian Bridge is getting a long-overdue makeover, including cleaning and repair of the railings.

A new coat of paint for the railings is scheduled for July 28 and the public is invited to participate in the process.

The two color options were chosen by a panel of community members selected by the Japantown Task Force Land Use/Transportation/Public Realm Committee. They considered various factors, including cultural significance, impact on the environment, and overall visual impression.

For example, red/vermillion — although a popular suggestion — was declined after research linked large red bridges to religious structures, especially shrines (such as the Shinkyo Bridge in Nikko), or imbued with spiritual significance (such as the bridge at Osore-zan, symbolizing the path from the world of the living to the spirit realm).

Out of respect to Japantown’s Fillmore neighbors, the panel decide to reserve the color blue for Mildred Howard’s iconic Blue Bridge over Geary at Fillmore.

Before voting, you are strongly urged to visit the painted color samples painted on the bridge.

Cast your vote by Friday, July 13:

Register to help paint on July 28:

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