We want everyone to know that the Japanese American Korean War Veterans  (JAKWV) is nearing its end as a veterans’ organization.

We are now at the crossroads where we are losing attendances of JAKWV Board members because of age, physical ability and their passing. As a result, we will not be able to continue on as an organization much longer.

But individually, JAKWV members will always be there, if we can, to join others in any community events honoring veterans.

For 2019, we will participate in the annual Memorial Day events at the Japanese American National War Memorial Court (Memorial Court) at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC) and Evergreen Cemetery, and at memorial services held in each community.

We will continue to participate in Nisei Week Parades, until the last man cannot march or ride in a jeep. For 2019, we are planning to have our last JAKWV Hospitality Room at JACCC, before the Nisei Week Parade.

The JAKWV Travel Group will have its last trip sometime in September/October 2019, so please stay tuned.

When we are done as an organization, we, as individuals, will still continue to give our full support, as we have done in the past, to the Memorial Court at JACCC, remembering our 255 men killed in the Korean War, as well as honoring ALL of the other KIAs listed on the memorials there.

We thank everyone who has supported us through these last 23 years. Please keep remembering the men and women who served during our “Forgotten War.”

Sam Shimoguchi, President, Japanese American Korean War Veterans

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