Cedrick Shimo, one of the few surviving World War II military resisters from the 1800th Battalion, celebrated his 100th birthday in October with a few friends. Bill Nishimura, a Tule Lake dissident who is sitting to Shimo’s right, will turn 100 next year. Very front: Yoshiko Becker. Front row (from left): Norma Jean Yamashita, Bill Nishimura, Cedrick Shimo, Rev. Mark Nakagawa. Second row: June Berk, June Aoki, Brent Matsui, Beverly Iba, Barbara Keimi, Sally Yoshikawa, Mas Yamashita. Third row: Tami Hirai, Margie Matsui, Jeanie Blaylock, Hal Keimi, Pat Ishida. Fourth row: Yosh Arima, Sharlene Takahashi. Fifth row: Dan Matsui, Judy Matsui, Don Standefer. (Photo by MARTHA NAKAGAWA)

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