The Little Tokyo Community Council made the following announcement on Monday:

“The council is trying to organize donations and deliveries of food, toilet paper and other materials to seniors in Little Tokyo Towers, Miyako Gardens and several other facilities.

“Other volunteers are translating emergency information into Japanese and Korean and compiling a list of resources for small businesses as well as ways for people to support them.”

Donations of non-perishable Japanese, Korean, Latino and non-ethnic-specific food items such as canned and packaged goods, rice, beans, noodles, and supplies like toilet paper are needed. If you are able to donate and drop off any of the listed items, contact the Little Tokyo Service Center at (213) 473-3030.

Financial donations to build up LTSC’s food pantry can be made online at or by emailing Julie Itahara at

LTSC is seeking volunteers who would be open to helping deliver these food and supply items safely to these buildings and residents. Contact Lauren Marian at if interested.

To support Little Tokyo businesses, check this link:

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