Kei-Ai Los Angeles Healthcare Center

In recent messages to families of residents, the administrators of Kei-Ai Los Angeles Healthcare Center in Lincoln Heights and Kei-Ai South Bay Healthcare Center in Gardena have provided updates on the status of coronavirus at their respective facilities.

Tanner Mitchell, administrator of Kei-Ai Los Angeles Healthcare Center, wrote on April 20: “As you know, the situation with COVID-19 remains very dynamic. Today, I wanted to provide you with the most up-to-date information we have. Last week, as indicated in my previous letter, we engaged a private laboratory to test patients on the third floor. Here are the results:

“• Patients who tested positive: 12

“• Patients who tested negative: 24

“• Patients with results outstanding: 14

“• Employees with confirmed or suspected to be positive: 4

“In addition to this, today it was confirmed that two patients from the first floor, both of whom were asymptomatic, tested positive. These patients are at the hospital now, and will be transferred to the third floor upon their return.

“We are continuing to aggressively test the entire facility patient population and staff. We hope to have these tests completed and the results returned in the next 5-7 days. We anticipate that the number of patients and staff who test positive will grow based on the increased efforts to test everyone, especially those who show no signs or symptoms.

“In order to expedite testing, we have arranged for patients and staff to be tested by the L.A. City Mobile Response Team at the facility. This test is easier to administer, and has similar result waiting periods. We will report these results to you when we have them. To the extent additional patients test positive, but are asymptomatic, we will cohort them based on these test results to continue to limit transmission.

“The facility has taken significant measures to contain and manage this situation and will continue to do so. We remain engaged with local and state public health officials and have been coordinating with them throughout this crisis.

“We know that this is a difficult time for you and your loved one. We appreciate all that you have done and continue to do to support and sustain your loved ones, and our staff.”

In a message to The Rafu Shimpo on Wednesday, Tanner said, “We are also pleased to communicate that with the support of Mayor [Eric] Garcetti and our medical director, we were granted that testing capacity to test all patients and staff. Since most of the patients that have currently tested positive are asymptomatic, we are expecting more positive results; however, we feel that the more information we can get, the better.”

Spcncer Nordfelt, administrator of Kei-Ai South Bay Healthcare Center, said on April 16, “While we endure these unprecedented, challenging times together, we are so grateful for the amazing commitment of our staff in providing exceptional care to our residents. We are equally grateful for the continued concern and support that we are receiving from our community and our residents’ families.

“We want to provide you with the following update:

“• None of our current residents are showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Within the past 72 hours, only one resident has been admitted to the hospital for further observation and testing, if necessary.

“• Since early March, the facility has been performing supplemental cleaning of the facility. We are continuing these efforts with the engagement of a specialty cleaning service that will do a room-by-room deep cleanse. This will not pose any risk to our residents, but should instead provide further assurance that our living areas are as clean as possible.

“• We continue to have daily communications with local and state public health officials and are strictly following and integrating their guidance.

“• Employees continue to use full protective equipment throughout the facility.

“Many of you have reached out to ask if there is any way you can help – we very much appreciate your willingness to do so. We currently have sufficient supplies and equipment to meet our needs, but are always looking for ways in which we can be best prepared for the unknown.

“If you have access to masks or gowns, or know of anyone who does, we would welcome connections or donations. If you have additional means and desire to help the facility, please contact me directly.

“We remain unified in our resolve to persevere these challenging times together.”

Contact information:

Kei-Ai Los Angeles Healthcare Center

2221 Lincoln Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90031

(323) 276-5700

Kei-Ai South Bay Healthcare Center

15115 S. Vermont Ave., Gardena, CA 90247

(310) 532-0700

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  1. Why no data from Kei-Ai, South Bay/Gardena? L.A. County Department of Health reports: 28 staff, 30 residents, and 10 deaths at that location!!