Bruyeres Mayor Yves Bojean spoke from France.

As traditional Memorial Day services could not be held on Monday due to the coronavirus pandemic, Japanese American community organizations held a program online.

A video of the program can be viewed here:

Part 1, a memorial ceremony, was sponsored by the JACL Northern California Western Nevada Pacific District.

Master of ceremonies: Steve Okamoto (San Mateo)

Invocation by Rev. Henry Adams, San Mateo Buddhist Temple

Message from Yves Bonjean, mayor of Bruyères, France (a town that was liberated by Nisei soldiers during World War II)

Keynote speaker: Marielle Tsukamoto (Sacramento) reflecting on her visit to Bruyères

Message from Dr. Shinye Gima, Military Intelligence Service veteran (Honolulu): “Memorial Day in the Time of COVID: Reflections by a Veteran”

Musical tribute: Todd Yuzuriha (Portland, Ore.)

Part 2, an educational program, was sponsored by the 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans (Hawaii)

Excerpts from “Back to Bruyères: The Legacy of the 100th” and interview with producer/dditor Pamela Young

Video from BCo/100Bn/442RCT Reenactment Group (Maizuru, Japan) and message from Hidenori Koda

Message from the Go For Broke National Education Center (Los Angeles)

Music video and interview with Los Angeles-based musician Kaze Jones

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