SACRAMENTO – Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Sacramento) on May 31 issued the following statement on the passing of George Floyd and the state of racism and injustice in America.

“We are a nation in pain. Pain because we have been vividly confronted with the systemic injustice and racism that continues to permeate our society. The horrifying images of George Floyd’s last breath has sent a searing cut deep into the American soul, and our communities across the country have sent a clear message back to the nation that enough is enough.

“Every day, there is a pervasive passive refusal to acknowledge the reality of the system we live in, and again and again we see the consequences of our inaction. Those who violate the most basic rights of the people they are trusted to serve must be brought to justice. The rest of us cannot continue to resign ourselves to complicity in a reality that systematically oppresses our Black communities. That is the start of a journey in the right direction.

“Yet, we also cannot continue the violence and destruction of our own communities. As we find ways to heal, harming our neighbors and small businesses is not the solution.

“Right now, words are truly not enough to express the feelings that we all have. As we continue to live through a period of unprecedented uncertainty and crisis, we need to come together to support each other through this time of intense pain. Sacramento’s strength is in its unwavering dedication to each other, and we must together – all of us – demand the accountability to create lasting change for a better tomorrow.

“I will be supporting efforts in Congress that bring reform and seek to uproot injustice in our country. As our country continues to grieve, remain safe and be mindful of your physical and mental health.”

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