Classical Japanese dancer Nancy Teramura Hayata, who is designing face masks, has a degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).

Currently a web developer and graphic designer, Nancy found that with the onset of the coronavirus (COVID 19), clients were closed and not able to make payments, so she turned to making face masks for friends and family to occupy her time. Having a few extra masks, she put them up for sale, and they immediately sold.

Her masks, the popular formula of two layers of 100% cotton with a layer of fusible interfacing, were selling as fast as she could make them. She found that she had a small following of customers that would keep ordering from her as the fabrics that were used changed.

In an effort to improve upon the face masks, her research led her to discover nano-technology, and she has now developed stylish face masks that filter 84-95% of airborne particles. This is as close to the level of surgical and N95 masks (which filter at 95%) as she could get. Her former masks of cotton and interfacing filtered up to 17%.

For construction and development information of the mask and more face mask selections and prices, visit Nancy’s website:

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