As of July 10, 2020, California had 6,836 COVID-19 deaths. Japan had 980 COVID-19 deaths. That is a ratio of 7 to 1. California has 40 million people. Japan has 126 million people. California has 164,000 square miles of land and Japan has 146,000 square miles.

Japan began their lockdown about three weeks after California due to their hope to have the Olympics in Tokyo this year. The biggest difference in deaths between California and Japan is that everyone wears masks in Japan, without question.

With the dismal leadership in the White House, it will not get better. Those who complain about wearing masks do not complain about wearing seatbelts when they drive. There are far too many Americans dying needlessly due to a lack of national leadership.

George Nakano

California State Assemblyman (Ret.)

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