Fall Ohigan 2019

The Japanese term “Higan” denotes the end of a warm summer or cold winter. In particular, the Fall Higan celebrates the reaping of a bountiful harvest in autumn after diligent work and practice of the Buddhist “Six Paramitas” according to Buddhist tradition.

Koyasan Buddhist Temple of Little Tokyo, located at 342 E. First St., Los Angeles, will observe this Buddhist holiday on Sunday, Sept. 20, at 1:30 p.m.

Bishop Yuju Matsumoto will officiate the service and deliver a sermon.

In addition, a drawing will be held after the service to raise funds for the temple. The Fall Fundraiser Drawing has many special prizes and guests are welcome to attend as long as they wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth as well as observe social distancing guidelines.

The service will be live-streamed via the Internet and on the temple’s Facebook page for those unable to attend the service or those that feel safer staying home due to COVID-19.

The proceeds from the Fall Fundraiser Drawing support the missionary activities of the temple an any donations and support from our members, friends, and the greater community are appreciated.

For more details, call the temple office at (213) 624-1267 or visit the website at www.koyasanbetsuin.org.

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