The Harlingen High School tennis team in Texas had plenty to celebrate this fall, as the Cardinals have clinched their first district championship in 13 years.

Head coach James Tanamachi has several reasons to be proud. As a senior at Harlingen High, he himself was part of a team that won a title. Years later, now guiding the team, his son, James Ichiro, will have his name added to the wall of tennis champions at the school.

“It was kind of unreal at first, but after it sunk in it felt very nice,” James Ichiro told RGV Sports. “What stuck with me the most was at the end, when our team was all together and we were given the trophy and everything, that was pretty surreal. Everyone got so excited. It was like a statement to ourselves and to everyone else. It was for sure a confidence booster. We’re going to try to take that confidence over with us (for the playoffs).”

Photo courtesy of Sandra Tanamachi

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