OAKLAND — The League of California Cities Asian Pacific Islander Caucus issued a statement March 11 to oppose efforts to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“Our caucus categorically stands with Gov. Newsom, and strongly opposes efforts to recall the governor,” said Sheng Thao, president of the caucus and council president pro tempore Oakland.

Sheng Thao

“Our state has faced unprecedented challenges in the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic, wildfires, and economic downturn. In the face of these challenges, the far right, anti-vaxxers, and pro-Trump extremists have sought to distract our road to recovery. Their misguided attempts to recall the governor poses a grave threat to our safety, health, economic recovery and it will cost Californians $100 million — money that is desperately needed to support our healthcare workers, teachers, small businesses and displaced workers from the pandemic. Instead of hyper-partisanship, our focus should be on unity, health, and safety of all Californians.”

“Gov. Newsom has been a champion and an ally to the Asian Pacific Islander community throughout his career,” the caucus said in a statement. “Amid the surge of racial violence against our community, he has taken bold actions to speak out against the attacks and signed legislation to provide $1.4 million in state funding to research and track anti-Asian hate crimes. The recall effort by pro-Trump extremists will jeopardize our community’s safety and hinder the progress we’ve made to create a more equitable community for all.

“Based on his track record, the governor has earned the trust of the API community, which is why over 124 API elected officials in California have spoken out against a recall. We stand united with our community to defeat any attempts to recall Gov. Newsom.”

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