From right: Singer Shizue Abe, Akira Fujimoto, honorary club chairman Yasuo Tanabe, and president of the board Michito Goda.

Nippon Kashu Kyoukai USA Tomonokai will be established in September to develop kayoukyoku (歌謡曲) or Japanese non-traditional song culture in the U.S. with the Japanese Singers Association’s support and to spread kayoukyoku.

Kayoukyoku has been a source of vitality for the Japanese- and English-speaking community living in the U.S., even with the continuing effects of the new virus. Popularizing and developing a relationship in the U.S. and Japan with the music, founder Akira Fujimoto met with President Goda of the Singers Association in Japan. USA Tomonokai is here to develop the localization of mutual interests in Japanese non-traditional music.

Compared to traditional Japanese performing arts, kayoukyoku may not have a long history. However, they have given Japanese people hope and vitality for almost a century now. Singing favorite songs has been known to contribute to health and longevity. In addition, the activities of Nippon Kashu Kyoukai have been recognized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs for promoting Japanese culture.

Nippon Kashu Kyoukai was established in 1963 in Japan and currently has more than 560 professional singers as registered members. Under Chairman Yasuo Tanabe, it is the center of kayoukyoku. Visit the Japanese-language homepage for more information:

The headquarters of Nippon Kashu Kyoukai USA Tomonokai is located in Los Angeles and the officers are as following;

Honorary Chairman: Yasuo Tanabe (chairman of Nippon Kashu Kyoukai in Japan)

Chairman/Founder: Akira Fujimoto

Executive Director/Co-Founder: Dr. Shinichi Hirokawa

Board of Directors:

Yoriko Hongo

Noriko Yonamim

Marc Sanwo


Junichi Araki, Lun Lun Karaoke Class

Yumi Uono, Himawari Karaoke Dokoai

Eriko Sanjo, actress/singer

Shoko Helm, LA Kinyoukai


Kaoru Kawata, Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California

Happy Mizutani, Japanese Prefectural Association of Southern California

Trudy Nodohara, Lions Club

Toshimasa Tomiyama, Nikkan San (The Japanese Sun)

Shigeto Terasaka, Japan Hollywood Network

These individuals will take office with the support of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California, Japanese Prefectural Association of Southern California, and karaoke associations in various parts of the U.S.

In addition, those who read this article may join USA Tomonokai free of charge until the end of Japanese fiscal year of 2021 (March 31, 2022). The general annual membership fee is $60/year; other categories are corporate membership, digital membership, and premium membership.

Nippon Kashu Kyoukai USA Tomonokai



Phone: (213) 625-1998

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