The following statement was released by Save Our Seniors Network on Nov. 10.


The Sakura ICF Family Council and Save Our Seniors Network has learned from the Adult and Senior Care Office of the California Dept of Public Health that Pacifica will “absorb the differences of resident’s costs until they (Pacifica) get approved for the ALW (Assisted Living Waiver).”

“My mother would not be able to stay at Sakura Assisted Living Facility without Pacifica covering the significant cost difference. This was the only option we had to ensure she received culturally sensitive bilingual care. It was very stressful not knowing when Sakura ALF will be approved.” — Rose Matsumoto, family member of 89-year-old relocatee from Sakura Intermediate Care Facility

During the rushed evictions of the seniors remaining at the Sakura Intermediate Care Facility in August 2021, the Family Council and Save Our Seniors demanded that residents be able to move “next door” to the Sakura Assisted Living Facility. This would make bilingual services and food accessible, unlike other locations that residents had to settle for. Pacifica refused to say how many beds were available nor criteria for admission.

But only six residents were allowed to move in, providing they obtain a “waiver,” good for six months, because “assisted living” facilities do not accept Medi-Cal reimbursements.

Moreover, Pacifica had to secure its own waiver for the facility to accept the six residents and assured them that they “are working on it.” But in July 2021 the health department told residents that Pacifica failed to complete their application. This meant that the residents’ waivers will sunset in six months, long before Pacifica can get the waiver, and they would have to pay the full rental cost not subsidized by their Medi-Cal due to Pacifica’s incompetence.

“We have been demanding this on our petition to CEO Ash Israni, and in direct communications since August, it’s about time they fixed it,” stated Traci Imamura, co-chair of SOS and one of the initiators of the Sakura Family Council.

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