Japan Hollywood Network, the local TV broadcaster that airs Japanese-language programs throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties, will broadcast the Japanese TV drama “My Neighbor, Chikara,” beginning Sunday, Feb. 13, at 7 p.m.

The series stars Jun Matsumoto, a member of the wildly popular J-pop group Arashi. The script was written by Kazuhiko Yukawa, who took Japan by storm with “I Am Mita, Your Housekeeper.”

Matsumoto plays Chikara “Halfway” Nakagoshi, who is constantly bored yet busy, lonely but enjoying his solitude. He forges a bond with neighbors after moving into a new apartment building, and while he displays more care and heart than most people, no matter what he does it’s never fully realized and always half-baked. Chikara’s motivation for everything is his wish to “save people” and “bring peace to everyone around me” – but once he discovers an issue not easily solved, he starts worrying and retreating halfway.

The cast of the fresh and unique drama also features Aya Ueto, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Kurara Emi, Sonim, Jun Fubuki, and Nanako Matsushima.

The series can be watched on KXLA Channel 44.1, available over the air for free across Southern California. Most cable systems also carry KXLA; check your service’s channel lineup for station number.

After airing, each episode will be available for free streaming nationwide on Japan Hollywood Network’s website, www.jhollywoodnet.com.  

Japan Hollywood Network is based in Los Angeles and aims to share Japanese culture with people in the U.S., while also providing necessary information such as community news and current events.

JHN currently airs on Ch.44.1 KXLA-TV every Sunday evening beginning at 6:30 p.m.

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