December 21, 1958 – February 18, 2022

If you thought Heaven was going to be peaceful and quiet, you might be surprised to see Teddy singing, dancing to Motown, and livening up the place with his impressions.

Teddy was born in Fresno, California and is survived by his fiancé, Chrissy Yoshioka; his son, Kevyn; and grandson, 13 siblings, 17 nieces and nephews, and seven grandnieces and grandnephews. Chrissy’s family was Teddy’s as well: Lynne (David) Takeuchi, Alyna (Yordano), Naomi (Kevin), Kiki, and grandniece Yvanna. Teddy is survived by his siblings: Hiromichi, Mike (Michiko), Robert, Tommy (Itsuko), Kenny (Noriko) and Frank Jun (Saika), Hitomi (Shozo) Kojima, (Toshiaki) Enami, Miyo Takahashi, Rose (Kent) Yamashiro, Lily, Judy (Douglas) Itomura, Carol (Anthony) Hirahara-Acosta and Yuko.

Teddy’s father, a Buddhist holistic doctor, groomed Teddy to follow in his footsteps and learn about the powerful principles of healing. For Teddy, healing was more about attitude, not prescriptions. Attitude is what determines happiness. And like a scene out of “Karate Kid” living in the rougher neighborhoods of West L.A., he would perform numerous chores of cleaning, sweeping, and washing cars while getting into fights and acting tough. Teddy would soon learn three valuable lessons in life that he always carried with him: the things in life don’t come easily so cherish everything you have; surround yourself amongst people with positive energy; remember that laughter is always the best medicine.

The last 10 years represented Teddy’s biggest moments. In 2013, he met Chrissy, the love of his life. He traveled around the world, ate the most delicious foods, and considered his closest friends, his family. It was around this time that Teddy was diagnosed with cancer. Despite that, Teddy carried a gentle spirit and infectious energy that would make any person, animal, or life force feel loved and cared for. He enjoyed styling hair because it made others happy about themselves, feeling pampered. His sense of humor and gift of touch made us feel so cherished, leaving us with his signature smile. – “And he’s smiling, down at me.” (Kalapana, 1975).

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  1. went to junior high school (Berendo) & senior high school (L.A.) w/Ted & Miyo…

    RIP bro…

  2. Teruo Hirahara was not born in Fresno, CA… his birth place was Fowler, CA. Teruo’s father was NOT a Buddhist holistic doctor… don’t know where the author got the information.