The Graduation Special Issue is a chance for Japanese American students to be recognized for their hard work and achievement. Businesses and organizations have the opportunity to reach the future leaders of the Japanese American community by advertising in our Special Issue.

Submit your advertisement to be displayed in the Graduation Issue.

Deadline: June 6

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SizeColorDimensions in Inches (W X H)Cost
FullColor Ad9-13/16 X 12 $1,625
1/2 Color Ad9-13/16 X 5-13/16 $1,000
1/4Color Ad4-13/16 X 5-13/16$605
FullBlack and White9-13/16 X 12$1,200
1/2Black and White9-13/16 X 5-13/16$650
1/4Black and White4-13/16 X 5-13/16$330
1/8Black and White4-13/16 X 2-13/16$165
1/16Black and White2-5/16 X 2-13/16$85