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Kazuki Takahashi, creator of worldwide phenomenon “Yu-Gi-Oh!,” was found floating off the coast of Okinawa on July 6.

According to Nihon TV News, Takahashi was found 300 meters or approximately 1,000 feet off the coast of Nago City in Okinawa Prefecture.

Nago City is known as a popular tourist destination that hosted the 26th G8 summit in 2000. The 60-year-old mangaka was traveling alone in a rental vehicle that was used to help identify him.

According to a Coast Guard spokesperson, Takahashi’s body was found wearing snorkeling equipment with “damages to his body which looked like they were caused by some sort of marine animal.” TBS News recently reported that Takahashi had injuries on the lower half of his body and may have been the victim of a shark attack.

Authorities are still unsure what caused Takahashi’s death.

Born on Oct. 4, 1961, Takahashi began work as a manga artist in 1982, but did not find any notable success until he created “Yu-Gi-Oh!” in 1996. Prior to his creation of the hit manga-turned-card game, Takanashi created “Tokio no Taka” and “Tennenshoku Danji Buray.” Neither work made it further than two volumes.

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game (Image via Shutterstock)

Takahashi found great success when he created “Yu-Gi-Oh!” in 1996. The manga was published by Weekly Shonen Jump and ran until 2004. The popularity of the manga led to the creation to the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Trading Card Game. The original manga featured various games including air hockey and dice games, but the game “Magic and Wizards,” which was a reference to “Magic: The Gathering,” became so immensely popular that the entire manga shifted to revolve around the new card game.

Countless fans of Takahashi’s work took to social media to share their condolences and appreciation.

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