Members of BCSF’s ministerial board, from left: Rev. Hiroshi Abiko, Rev. Elaine Donlin, Rev. Leo Joslin, Rev. David Pating, Rev. Henry Adams.

SAN FRANCISCO — Buddhist Church of San Francisco held its Bon Odori on July 24.

The yagura, where the more experienced dancers demonstrated the dance moves, was set up on Octavia Street outside BCSF and the Buddhist Churches of America building.

Opening remarks were made by BCSF’s supervising minister, Rev. Henry Toryo Adams.

In addition to pre-recorded Obon favorites, such as “Nijuu Isseiki (21st Century) Ondo,” live music was provided by Jiten Daiko and Ensohza Minyoshu.

Special guests included BCSF 2022 Living Treasure honorees Rev. Hiroshi Abiko, former resident minister, who has also served in San Jose, Palo Alto and Los Angeles and is known for his taiko drumming; and Yoshiko Fujimoto, a dance instructor for more than 30 years.

Photos by Kathy Kojimoto

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