Oct. 2 saw the marriage of Darin Makoto Noriyuki to Pauline Po Lum Pau at the Altadena Town and Country Club. The ceremony was officiated by Rev. Kory Quon of the Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple.

Pauline was given away by parents Paul and Judy Pau of San Gabriel. Darin’s parents are Dale and Gail Noriyuki of Redondo Beach. Darin’s brother Dustin also served as a groomsman. Darin’s grandparents are Rikio and Fumiko Ishikawa of Venice. Pauline’s grandparents are Leet Chan and Howe Chan of Temple City.

This joyful event caps a long-standing relationship for Darin and Pauline,spanning some 14 years that survived years in separation while Pauline attended veterinary school at Ohio State University and Darin worked away from his home and family. After many twists and turns along the way and delays for COVID, love prevailed and they, along with friends and family, celebrated their incredible union, and what a party it was.

Photos courtesy Steven Nguyen Photography

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