Elders honored at Southeast Japanese School and Community Center’s ninth annual Keiro

The Southeast Japanese School and Community Center in Norwalk celebrated its ninth Keiro no Hi (Respect for the Elderly Day) on Nov. 13 by welcoming four new octogenarians — Charlene Kanemoto, Sueko Nagamine, Kenny Teramoto, and Sumio Yasutake — who received certificates for this milestone event.  

They joined 40 other elders, aged 81 to 101, along with their family and friends to celebrate this memorable occasion.

All the celebrants were treated to a delicious complimentary bento lunch, traditional pink and white mochi, and a gift bag. Entertainment was provided by the Japanese School students, who performed the dance “Yosakoi Soran,” and by koto instructor Kozue Matsumoto and her students, who played music to complete the day.

Keiro no Hi is a day where we honor and show our appreciation to our elders and thank them for the guidance and wisdom they have given us to enable us to live the lives we live today. Let us keep the spirit of Keiro no Hi in our hearts and minds as we encounter our elders and look upon them with gratitude and pride.

If you know an elder, take time to talk to them. You will find, as a Japanese proverb says, “Wisdom acquired through age is more valuable than a tortoise’s shell.” In simpler words, wisdom from elders is priceless.

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