Dear Editor:

I am writing this opinion letter as an individual, not connected with any group or organization. The Rafu Shimpo recently reported on an effort to recall Councilmember Kevin de León; this is understandable, considering the reprehensible and racist comments he made as was revealed in a recording of a secret meeting. Kevin de León has apologized for his conduct and comments.

As a Christian, I believe it is a virtue to be forgiving and to seek redemption. Some people believe de León’s apologies are insincere, but who can say if this is true? Kevin de León has a body of work in his career as a politician which also speaks for his community values — what place does this body of work play in countering an exposed flaw in his character?

For Kevin de León, the true essence of an apology should be accompanied by a commitment to change and do better, and become a better person. The Bible says God will not despise “a broken and contrite heart.”

Perhaps a public representative with a contrite heart will work out better in the long run. It’s possible.

Bill Watanabe, Los Angeles

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