Keiro announced June 13 that they will be conducting a community-wide online survey to assess the needs and preferences of the community, in partnership with Vantage Research & Consulting Inc.

Keiro President and CEO Beverly Ito

This is part of Keiro’s ongoing commitment “to better understand the evolving needs of our community, as we look at the future of aging.”

Keiro will collect contact information of interested participants between June and August on Those who submit their names and email addresses will receive a request to fill out a 10-to-15-minute online survey from Vantage Research between Aug. 1 and Sept. 5. The final date to submit the survey will be Sept. 15.

Keiro will be involved in collecting email addresses from community members on behalf of Vantage Research. To help keep all of the responses confidential and anonymous, the online survey results are being collected, analyzed, and reported by Vantage Research.

Keiro President and CEO Beverly Ito commented, “Keiro is committed to listening to our community and demonstrating our intent to act with integrity, transparency, and due diligence as stewards of our resources. We want to ensure that any future endeavors, including exploring a physical presence, will be financially viable, self-sustaining, and meet the evolving needs of older adults and caregivers in our community. This survey will be part of the next steps in guiding our future direction.”

Survey participation criteria will be anyone who:

• Is part of the Japanese and Japanese American community

• Is residing or has a close loved one living in Los Angeles, Orange, or Ventura counties.

Those who would like to participate should submit their contact information on by Aug. 31. For each email, only one online survey response may be submitted. Paper surveys will be available upon request. The final date to request a paper survey will be July 28.

For more information, frequently asked questions, and to sign up, visit For any questions, contact (213) 873-5700 or

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