The 2023 JACL Convention Film Fest will be held Thursday, July 20, at 11 a.m. at the Tateuchi Democracy Center, 100 N. Central Ave. in Little Tokyo, as part of the JACL National Convention.

The following films directed by Mitchell Matsumura will be shown:

“Japanese American Legacy on Wheels” is dedicated to the passion and history of those that started it all. They helped drive the American muscle car era and the Japanese import tuner era to what they are today.

“Holiday Bowl” was a gathering place for a community and a generation, where all peoples came together in urban Los Angeles. Regardless of the tensions of the times, they triumphed. Our hangout, bowling leagues, the famous coffee shop, cocktail bar, pool hall, arcade, our home away from home. The community celebrated its opening in 1958 and was in disbelief when it closed in 2000.

“Carry On” was a garage band in Los Angeles during the Asian American dance era, 1965-1985. The era was a rite of passage and undoubtedly the best times of our lives. Carry On was the most popular band of the era, performing at hundreds of dances held at dance halls and ballrooms. This is their story.

The event will be available only to full convention registrants or day pass attendees. Admission: $10. Tickets: Info:

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